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~*~ NaUgHtY gIrL ~*~


~*~ HoMe ~*~ | AbOuT mE | FriEnDs N pHoToS | GuEsTbOoK

This page is dedicated to my great mates! Without each one of them, I would be lost - they all me so much to me!

Kay Without her I would be at a loose end! She's always there, no matter what is up! She can be a bit dim at times tho... Just have to laugh :-P


Lizzie Liz is great, bit daft at times, but who ain't! Can rely on her to entertain me if I get bored :-P 'Bargains' Eh babe!?!


Kayleigh Darlin... I love her so much, always knows what to say and do at the right time :-D I wish I saw you more now tho...


Nic - I definatly would!! LoL! I'm so glad I met ya, your an angel! Gonna come visit ASAP!


Laura She's great, what can I say? She knows when something is wrong - it must be like a psychic vibe! She makes me giggle so much!


Sabrina  Tubs... Shame you left us! But I'm glad you're getting on really good! I miss ya, so I cherish time when I am with you! You are such a little trooper, so brave!


Crissy Ha, great pic! The two most importand things in a girls life: Her phone and a can of lager! Shes my cousin, but still a great mate. I'm really glad we have got close again cuz Sundays are a laugh now! Love ya babe xxx


Rob - Well, seeing as you BEGGED me to put you on here.... here's your place! We've known each other for years now and we have been through stages of being close and not, but you're great. A true little star (even though you're like well huge compaired to me :-P)


Sam W God, she's amazing! So happy I got 2 weeks with her in the summer :-) She's my little angel! I love her!


JJ  Forever my Little JJ! You make me laugh babe... You're teeth looked soo good! LoL! Don't forget my diamond ring! WUV YA!

Mad Scot aka Mark - Miss you loads!! Gutted that you missed holiday! It's ok tho, You got replaced by your rents and Nicolas :-P


Nick - So proud of him :-)
Stephy - Sooo Cheery it's almost unatural!