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~*~ NaUgHtY gIrL's BlOg ~*~
Monday, 21 November 2005

Mood:  happy
Now Playing: Ocean Colour Scene - Day We Caught The Train
God, anyone would think I have a life! I've not wrote in AGES, but trust me... lifes been boring lol! Well there has been some highlights!
Lauras Bday - Spent the afternoon/evening at her's. Had maccy d's avec Bday Girl and Kay. Started drinking... LoL! Camilla and Mel came over whilst I was still gettying ready (So I was the last one ok!) Was joined by Nicki, Karina and Terry. All in all was a great night! Camilla and Big Luff :-O Shock of the night! Kay and Mel getting with strangers came a close 2nd tho! LoL! Ohh Our band in The Solstice <3 I think I love the singer <3 Laura had a good night though and thats what matters cuz now she's a Lady!!!

Had a good night Thurs! Me and Laura went town to look round all the xmas stuff and to see the lights go on (Altho we missed it in the end cuz Kay said it was at 7!) Anyways, met up with Kay and Ean and went browsing... I'm "Red Hot" according to the machine in Ann Summers! LoL! Went to see Camilla too and her "friend" Hehe! Well after that Ean and Kay departed and so me and Laura headed for Yates, just for one!!! Then while we was there, decided we wanted to make a night of it! So headed home 2 get ready... in a record time of 4 fucking minutes!!! Laura took longer, but that was her mums fault! So back into town by 8:30. Met up with my sis and her mates and then Laura left cuz she had a date with Camilla Lol!!!! Think I drank a few too many! Spent most of the night with my sis and Damon (my "friend" from nr Kings Lynn). Anyways, that was that night!

Sat night, went cinema avec Damon to watch Saw 2. Was tres good, even tho we was well early for it so had to go Frankies and Bennies for a drink! Hmmm.. He's a nice guy! :-D

Anyways, got fuck all planned for this week. Saturday should be good tho... My nephews 10th bday party! Wooo! Then Sammi's 18th Party!!!

I'll try and update more often... I'm just lazy tho!

Posted by naughty-girrrl at 4:19 PM GMT
Wednesday, 2 November 2005

Mood:  a-ok
Had a great Thursday last week :-D Me and Laura went to the Paul Pry for lunch (cuz we are grown ups!) Talked and talked about a lot of things, including the fact that I can live the Uni Life still! You see, when Laura goes to Uni (which ever one she chooses) I will move there after her 1st year and we will get a flat or house together! That way I can still act like a student but I will have a job instead of a degree LoL! Must start saving!
But on the job front, I'm doing good! Must have applied for about 8 different jobs in the past few days, so if I don't get at least one interview I will be gutted!
So Thursday night! Me and Kay started early as per usual! Hehe! Got in town and went Yates where we met a group of lovely lads, one who is my boyfriend (Don't ask LoL) Anyways, by the time we staggered to Liquid I think I was half pissed already! Met up with my wonderful mate Luke :-D And oh dear, when Laura came from work to meet us, God was she on a mission to get slaughtered! Bless her! Not seen her so pissed in years! Saw one of the old nice dinner ladies, Richard Clarke... brought back memories of horse and granny porn in the dinner line.... LMAO! So after that spent most of the night being followed round by my Kings Lynn follower Damon, and looking after Laura. Although God knows how me and Kay did it! Oh and I just wanna say a HUGE thank you to Mr Andy Brown who managed to break some barriers for me :-D!
Anyways, not got a lot happening for the rest of the week, although I'm going to a posh Ball on Friday avec Sam, which should be fun! Rich totty! Wooo!
Thats all for now...
8 days till Laura bday!!

Posted by naughty-girrrl at 11:22 AM GMT
Wednesday, 26 October 2005

Mood:  not sure
Now Playing: Madonna - Hung Up
Well, not wrote properly for a while...
So, Kay's 18th Party! What a hoot! Wish I hadn't got so drunk though and I wish I took a camera! LoL! Spent most of the night chatting shit (Whats new!) Keep gettin told new things about it, like me Kay and Sam dancing to "I predict a riot" God I must have looked a right prat! Kay's speech was good, even though I couldn't see her :-(
Apparently when everyone went I attacked her bday cake... I blame Kay T! And poor old Portia, must have thought I was a right knob! She's lovely tho! Can't remember getting back to Kay's or the 3hours I spent there... Again, I was chatting shit so says Kayleigh! LoL! And we had take out!?! Really!!?! I had chips?!? Was an amazing night tho, only downside was being completly blanked by a certain someone! Oh well, I'm fed up of doing the chasing! I'm waiting for a tall, dark and hansome (prolly not the stranger part) guy to whisk me off my feet, or at least attempt! LoL!
Oh and Sabrina driving all the way to my shop to get more booze was rather amusing! "Am I driving on the right side of the road?" and "OH SHIT, I'VE NOT GOT MY LIGHTS ON!!" were great! LoL, how she managed to pass I don't know... JUST KIDDING!

Anyways, had a good evening last nite avec Kay down the Fox. Yeah we want it saved! Kay on Southern Comfort? Me on Bacardi! Was tres good!

Tomorrow should be a good day, Seeing Laura, Possibly Sam as well as shes deserted us and gone to the depths of Northampton :-( Then tomorrow Night me and Kay are hitting the town to get some fitties as we are both fed up of the ones we know at the mo!

Anyways, gona go and get ready for the Tv awards! HeHe I'm sad!

Posted by naughty-girrrl at 7:40 PM BST
Tuesday, 25 October 2005

Mood:  down
Now Playing: Darren Hayes - So Beautiful
Yet another fuck up! Always do tho don't I!

Posted by naughty-girrrl at 7:54 PM BST
Thursday, 20 October 2005

Mood:  hug me
Ohhh, had a good night last nite avec Kay! Got too drunk for mid-week! But it's all good! Felt a bit rough on the bus today going to town, but managed to go without throwing up my bacon sarnies!!

Had some MEGA GREAT news from my rents today :-D They've bought a time-share!! Doesn't start till Jan tho so that means I have to wait AGEEEESSS!! Never mind tho, we got it for 20yrs so thats all good!

Anyways, I'm off to have a nice bath and chill out :-D

Posted by naughty-girrrl at 6:46 PM BST
Monday, 17 October 2005

Mood:  irritated
ARGH, my msn is so stupid!! It won't let me sign in. Says somethings wrong with my connection or their server, but my net is fine and other people can get on msn... SO WHY CAN'T I!?!?!?!?

Anyways, my Friday I got my tattoo :-) Gotta get a non-blurred pic of it, then I will put it on here! I Love it sooo much! Can't wait to get another one! Hehehe...

Ohh Sammi stopped over last nite because my rents are on holiday (So unfair!). Well I made us a proper sunday dinner with roast chicken! Was good!! We are such old ladies tho, we was ready for bed about 9.15pm... LoL!

Anyways, gotta go and clean the house up a bit :-(

Posted by naughty-girrrl at 8:52 AM BST
Monday, 10 October 2005

Mood:  happy
Well, last week was boring as I worked 5 days outta 7 :-( Not fair!!
Weekend was good tho!
Spent Saturday night at the crab and winkle. Was meeting Sam and her Rob at 8 there, well of corse they was late (Only by nearly an HOUR!) Night was good tho, I drank WAY too much. Feel sorry for Rob too as I made him sit on a wet bench while we was waiting for our minibus (Thats right, for the two of us! LoL) Barbados was great tho! Lol... with the pink sea and everything... Hmmm

SO YESTERDAY!! Kay's 18th woooo!! So unfair tho cuz she gets like two birthdays cuz of her party aswell! Was a great night... hehe... Me telling people that she was deaf lol AND they believed me! Singing happy birthday too was quite amusing! Wish I had eaten all my dinner tho! Think Kay enjoyed herself, with Rabb touching her up LoL and the little boy in faith with the Jacket, I mean WTF!!! HEHE!!

Anyways, Thats all for now cuz I gota go to the shop!

Posted by naughty-girrrl at 3:16 PM BST
Wednesday, 5 October 2005

Mood:  irritated
Well, long time no bloggage! I could lie and say that I've been busy but truth is, I'm still recovering from my 18th! LoL!

Just wanna say thanks to everyone for a great birthday, it's one I will try and remember first, then ever forget! LoL! Thanks for all my great pressies too! It seemed this year that people actually knew what I would like! LoL, including grandparents! I had a great weekend celebrating it tho, even tho I had a few teary moments! Sunday night was pure madness tho... I swear I don't remember anything from about 8pm onwards!! Aparently, my birthday was announced in Genevas pub and I got up and started shouting "Oh Thats ME!!" (So says my dad lol!) Then the whole pub sang happy birthday and we all got free shots! Not bad! Then off to Faith (it had just opened LoL) So I walked in and somehow managed to get away without paying! LoL! Anyways, I was first on the dancefloor, by myself! Spent a while chucking up copious amounts of wine, alchopops and shots, only to start drinking again! Was well gutted when faith was shutting! Wanted to carry on with my dance partner... should have got his name! LoL... Anyways someone said to me on the way out, "You didnt pay when you came in" so I jus retaliated with "Oh didn't I, No really, Didn't I" Then some bouncer who I was flirting with (EUGH) said he would pay for me! All good!!
Taxi ride home is a mega blur.... Got in tho with kay and decided to have another drink. Then woke up the next morning! Don't remember going to bed at all!
So, I'm still feeling rough because of it, tiredness is really setting in... Managed to have a few drinks ealier which means I'm getting better! WOOO!

Gotta prepare my self for this sunday as its Kays 18th!! Hopefully I won't get AS drunk... although theres no reason not too, as I've not got work Monday morning... so who knows! Hehehe!

Anyways, Pics have been uploaded... Just looked at my photo album on the home page!! WIll take plenty of pics at Kays too!

Thanks again to my mates and family for a great 18th :-D

Posted by naughty-girrrl at 10:02 PM BST
Wednesday, 28 September 2005

Mood:  a-ok
Well, today has been an odd day...
Was up early enough to take Tyler for a walk to the shops, took about an hour though due to all the people that stop and fuss him... HE AIN'T A NICE DOG PEOPLE, DON'T LET HIM FOOL YOU!

Laura then called, wanting to know if I was free... Of course I was, I'm a bum! We had chips for lunch...mmm... I also had a battered sausage because I'm a fat mofo!
She left me at about 3, so I then conquered the HUGE pile of ironing that just seems to accumulate. My mum used to tell me it was all mine, what utter bullshit! Anyways, whilst ironing I let my mind drift and I got to thinking about a few things!
1) Why do people settle down at such a young age and expect it to last!
I was 15 when I fell in "love" and I was ready to sacrifice my life just to be with him... 15 for god's sake! I'm 18 in 4 days and although me and this guy parted on bad terms, he is still one of my best mates and I know I can turn to him whenever needed (Well ok, not usually Friday, Saturday or Sunday, unless I'm prepared to spill my heart out to a drunken fool LoL) But back to the topic, even now at 17/18 I think people are to young to "settle down"... I mean, think of it like this, we will all hopefully live till like our 80's (fingers crossed... oh and all you smokers - including you Kay - expect that to be 70's for you lot :-P) and considering we have only been alive for 17/18 of them years, why do we have to rush to find the one person we think we want to spend the rest of our lives with? I reckon we should enjoy our teenage years for what they are, we aren't adults yet so why pretend to be!? No offence to people that are in relationships, but to me as an outsider, they cause to much hurt and pain for both parties. I've seen it first hand, where people are taken back just because the other person "loves" them, but as someone wise (LoL)once said "love isn't the only thing to make a relationship work" ... well it was along those lines anyway! Hehe!
2) Why everything seems such hard work at this age...
Ok, whether it's going to the shop, dragging yourself out of bed in the morning or getting along with your parents, it's just so hard! I don't know about the rest of you, but I find it so hard to get motivated! I really think I'm stuck in a rut at the min and until I find a new job I'll be stuck in it! It even seems such hard work to laugh and joke about! What's happened to the carefree Charlie, I'm not sure...
3) How come we always go after things that are impossible?
A new job? New love interest? Personal goal? Whatever people tell you, you cannot always achieve what you want, and although it's good to be optimistic, it's also bad to get rejected or to lose out. Building up your hopes for something that you're pretty sure you won't achieve just seems stupid to me... We end up hurt most of the time, and if, if, it goes your way, then God you're lucky!
4) Why doing something bad always feels so good and how come beins selfish is so wrong?
Why do we get thrills out of being bad? The adrenaline runs through your veins and your brain is going "DON'T DO IT! PLEASE DON'T" but you still do. That moment, when you know you are in the wrong but you can't seem to stop yourself. That few seconds where you're contemplating whether to or not, and you always seem to go through with it... Why? Why is putting yourself first classes as being selfish?? I just don't understand. Surely it would be the more sensible thing, to look out for number one?? Doing whats best for you, or even doing what you choose to do...Hmmm...

Anyways, thats my essay over and done with!

Posted by naughty-girrrl at 6:16 PM BST
Updated: Wednesday, 28 September 2005 7:02 PM BST
Thursday, 22 September 2005

Mood:  not sure
Now Playing: PDC - Buttons
Such a crap week! Cleaning and looking for jobs really ain't my idea of fun!
Anyways, today was brightened up by shopping (Thanks to mummys bank card, hehe) Got jeans, two sexy tops, a mini cardi, pair of shoes, belt and a bag! Well impressed! All for my bday tho... still expect something else as a suprise tho hehe!
Looking forward to tomorro night, meal avec my long lost girlfriends!! I will take plenty of pics, so will show them off soon enough!
Then on Saturday, off out with Sam, Kay, Rob and his mates for his 19th... should be tres exciting!
Anyways, thats all for now :-)

Posted by naughty-girrrl at 9:25 PM BST

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